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Tony had some incredible results in lean in 60 because of too things.... His commitment to a new style of eating. and his work ethic in the gym .

Tony before joining the course made a conscious choice to make some healthier choices in his life after seeing some hea...

Lean in 60 was started back in 2014 at dream fitness gym in Bognor Regis, we developed the course as a way to help people really achieve their weight loss and


As a photographer, i joined the course to feel a bit better about my self to help stop feeling so tired or lazy and the sessions totally transformed my body so quickly.

So happy with my results and I would recommend anyone looking to lose some weight to give the...

Celery is a powerhouse when it come to benefits for the human body and just a few reasons why you should get it in your daily diet . Celery is and alkaline foo

At lean in 60 everything we do we believe 100 % in and follow ourselves and are living breathing the nutrition and exercise we prescribe.

This is Kevin.

He is the dad of our lean in 60 trainer Ben. As a trainer we are constantly trying to help people, get fitter s...

If your Joining our Lean In 60 course congratulations you are going to be making some great changes to your health and body but befor you start  there are a few essentials that will make your life a lot easier and defiantly worth the purchase as they will be benefiting...

Bryony 60 Day Journey <<<< This video is of our resident superwoman and lean in 60 members. Bryony who started the course looking to lose a bit if weight and make a few changes in her diet.

Bryony has ended up totally changing her life, transforming her body...

Our Amazing Team Member Renata talking about her experience on the lean in 60 course and the results she got, following our plan and exercise regime. 
Renarta did incredibly well-losing body fat all over her body and getting a lot stronger now developing some serious m...

Another great weight loss transformation. 
This time from Aaron who not only lost weight but lost a lot of body fat and put on some serious muscle resulting in an incredible waist reduction and change to his stomach area


When i joined the 60-day challenge i wasnt...


Wow the course was fantastic I literally don't know were I would be with out it.

I have been struggling with a lot of depression anxiety and a few mental health issues the last 20 so years of my life and my health has taken a back seat, it was only when I got...


When i joined the 60-day challenge i wasnt sure what to expect but i knew i needed some help i had been over 100kg for most of my teens and 20's but i did'nt want to live like it any more i wanted to be health and fit and really feel good about myself.

The first...


The 60-day challenge helped me to change my life. I have been a member of the gym about a half year when I joined the 60-day challenge.

I struggled with the nutrition I didn't know what should I eat or when and what would be the best way to exercise. The 60-day...


I joined the lean in 60 challenge to improve my cycling performance & general fitness but really to shift some of the stomach fat that was slowing me down in my races. I got to say a massive thank you to the lean in 60 team as their response to their emails and vid...


Wanted to make training easy, so I used the program to get some quick results before a holiday. I wanted to get in good shape and feel good about my body when i took my top off on the beach plus be able to enjoy the time and become a bit fitter and also look good i...

If today you're waking up like any other day and going through the same patterns and cycle getting the same results then maybe this post might help you break the cycle.

This is Lidka, who when I first met her weighed 132kg (20+stone)
Lidka now weighs (in the second pi...

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