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My Journey To Get Lean (Ramzi)


I guess there is not so many men’s out there who publicly likes to talk about weight loss and struggling with weight but I have realised that since I am more open about it I even feel better with myself plus I can help to others.

I have started to do 60-day challenge after realising that I might be going to the gym and lift all the heavyweights but that doesn’t necessary makes me a healthy person. My body fat was ever so high and I thought now is the time to change my lifestyle plus I want to be a good example to my 5-year-old son.

The 60-day challenge helped me a lot as I have learned how to eat healthily plus you can still enjoy your food and it still tastes amazing. The Trainers Really helped me pushed myself to the limit.

Now I feel leaner, healthier and fit that never and truly I don’t think I will manage to do this on my own plus

Ben is one of the most motivating trainers I have ever met and he still gives me all the support although the 60-day challenge has finished.

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