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Gary Kellaway


Hi, I’m Gary – Co-creator of Lean In 60.

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2008 and studied extensively at University & also founded my own fitness centre in 2013.


Lean in 60 was born from a motivation to help people get a grip on quality nutrition and a balanced diet & how to combine that with exercise to improve your overall health.


The thing that makes us so passionate about this program is the fact you can do it anywhere, anytime, it doesn't take long to complete workouts, it’s based on real whole food eating, and this is a diet you can use for the rest of your life that will not only make you lean and strong but incredibly healthy in the long term.


Chloe Robinson


Hi, I'm Chloe and as a trainer and someone that is truly passionate about health and fitness, I promise you that if you looking for real long-term results then the 60 challenge is perfect you.


I continually find myself getting asked is this weight loss powder or diet scheme any good or even if there really is a body fat burning pill that will make us all lean and health overnight. In the real world those things don’t work long term and to get long-term sustainable results it all comes back to eating right and exercising right.


If you looking to get results just like some of our members then try our free 14-day trial and give it a go   


Ben Snell


Hi I'm Ben co-creator of Lean in 60

As a trainer/coach & Nutritional advisor in the industry for many years, I have helped 100s of people achieve the fitness goals and worked closely with them specifically how to decrease body fat fast.. whilst building that lean muscle which is pretty much the thing we all want.

co-Designing this program utilised all my experience and expertise I gained over many years, getting real results with my methods to maximise your results in just 60 days and propel you to a leaner healthier life. 


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