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Lean In 60 Online is a specifically designed, long-term, health program. Developed to accelerate fat loss, maximise lean muscle growth and enhance your energy levels, as well as improve your overall health & wellbeing.


Our OnlineProgram takes the very best principles of healthy, longevity-promoting, lifestyles, puts them into an easy and understandable package, that fits the modern-day needs of the average person.



get Lean In

60 Days



  • Daily Workout & Fitness Challenge Videos 

  • Nutrition Guide & How To Smoothie Guide

  • Daily Food & Workout Plans, Email Straight To You

  • 24 Hour Acess to Trainer 



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Training Plan 


You will receive weekday workouts daily, as well as online videos and guides for even better results.

  • Daily Online Workout Videos 

  • Warm-up & Cooldown Video Guide

  • Weekly Stretching Guide. 

  • Extra Daily Video Workout Challenges To Really Maximise Your Results. 


Our 60-day nutrition guide will give you a whirlwind of ideas from our incredibly tasty smoothies, to healthy meal ideas, as well as top tips along the way.

  • 60-Day Nutrition Guide 
  • Daily Strategies For Healthy Eating 
  • 60 Smoothie Recipes & Calorie Break Down
  • Meal Guides & Daily Health Tips



  • 24-hour Support
  • Weekly Check In Assessments & Reviews.
  • Daily Motivation From Your Coach
  • Connect with our exclusive online community
  • Share Tips & Advice


We pride ourselves on the incredible support we provide our members. Throughout your 60 day course, our coaches will be there every step of the way to support you

How it works?


Health Assesment & Meet Your Coach
This is to help us give you the best chance of success.
By filling out the online health assessment our coaches can give you better nutrition and exercise advice based on your previous experienced and current health & lifestyle. We will be there every step of the way through your 60 day course.


Start Your Plan 
You will receive all of your workouts, nutrition guide and video tutorials; as well as fitness and food tips, motivation and daily challenges all via email.
You will have 3 phases of your programme, each designed to be progressive and more challenging with the constant support from your coach.


End of your Plan
In the Last weeks of the course, we will be pushing hard to maximise your results and also start working on long-term strategies for keeping the body fat off and maintaining your new muscles.


60 Days +
You Made it Congratulations Now its time to sustain your results or keep progressing. We will help give you personalised advice on how to maintain and keep progressing your new body.

your coaches 

Chloe Robinson



Ben Snell


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ram lean
veron lean
wen lean
cris co lean
lean agga
lean trish polac
lean lydca
ziby lean

Why Chose Lean In 60 ?


This isn't some diet schema that is trying to sell you powders or meal replacements or telling you that certain foods are a sin or you have to count how many calories you eat in a day. These types of program can produce results but usually once you finish the plan you normal diet kicks in and the body fat comes back.


We developed our unique 3 Phase program for any fitness level from total beginner to seasoned gym pro we guarantee to maximise your body fat burning potential and improving your health at the same time. It's easy to follow, affordable & can be personalised for you with our easy to follow daily nutritional videos and daily online support from your coach we guarantee you will succeed.


We give you the knowledge to maximise your results and keep them.




  • Daily Workout & Fitness Challenge Videos 

  • Nutrition Guide & How To Smoothie Guide

  • Daily Food & Workout Plans, Email Straight To You

  • 24 Hour Acess to Trainer


So sign up now and get your 60-day challenge started today.



The reason Our 60 Day plan has been so successful in the past as you can see from our transformation's is based on the fact that we make lasting change. The 60 Day program is easy to personalise and adapt and fits in with your everyday life.






Orange Gradient Modern Gym 7 Day Free Trial Instagram Post.png

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