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How I Lost 8 Stone (52 Kg) On Lean In 60

If today you're waking up like any other day and going through the same patterns and cycle getting the same results then maybe this post might help you break the cycle.

This is Lidka, who when I first met her weighed 132kg (20+stone) Lidka now weighs (in the second picture) 78kg (just over 12 stone) A loss of about 54kg (8+ stone) ! Lidka used the very core principles that we teach on Lean In 60, to maximise her weight loss, as well as reduce her body fat by OVER 28%.

Healthy eating Regular exercise AND a totally transformed mindset... • DISCIPLINE • Nothing will happen if you are not disciplined. You can do all the training you want, but if you can't control what goes into your mouth, you will never sustain that long-term success that everyone is after. Lidka has 2 full-time jobs that get her working + 60 hours a week. In 10 months she hasn't eaten chocolate, fast food, or her favourite meal in over 7 months. WHY? Because her goal of losing weight is more IMPORTANT to her than anything. Lidka did whatever it took to achieve her goal, no excuses. A lot of people struggle to hit their goals and try to justify their reasons with excuses like; - The gym is too far away - I'm tired - I've had a tough day - Not feeling it today - Diet starts next week - The weekend doesn't count - I'm on holiday - There was no other food available - I can't do that Lidka adopted a more whole food, plant-based diet which entails consuming; Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and we exclude or minimise meat - including chicken and fish, dairy products and eggs as well as; highly processed/refined foods like bleached flour and sugars. This totally rebooted her body allowed her to get back to basics and cut out the crap. Let us know if you need help via messenger or in the comments; tell us about your struggles and maybe we can help get you back on track


"Coming from Poland I had been overweight for about 12 years and I had very bad habits. I finally wanted to make a change and joined a gym and followed this course I was 33 and pretty bad place struggling to walk upstairs and comfort eating. the course taught me so much about food and nutrition and how I looked at foods and traditional foods I managed to lose 35 kg in the 60 days and carried on losing weight and know been one year later and have lost over 54 kg in weight and so happy I started this journey amazing team as you know you are an amazing course, I wouldn't change a thing. thank you so much."

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