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Monika Weight Loss Story ..


Being overweight for almost all my life always felt like a normal thing to me, I have an amazing husband and beautiful healthy child so I thought well my life is just perfect, right?

BUT there came that ONE day when I stood front of the mirror and I began to cry. And that day I knew I need to make some changes right now! I knew that I am not mentally strong enough to do that on my own that’s why I started 60-day challenge.

Changing my diet Dieting was very hard for me as I used to eat lots of sugars and carbs, so to have only smoothies for several days was very shocking for me and my body but with all the support from Chloe and Ben everything was just easier as they give us 24 hours support so when there was a time when I felt like I want to give up I could just give them a text or find them in the gym and we have good chat and they motivated me to keep going and not giving up ! All the exercise was also difficult for me as I never ever exercise before but now I am kind of gym addict :D spending most of my free time there. I love strength training and lifting heavy weights.

60 days challenge made me definitely a better person, I am now stronger mentally and physically. I am trying to help others who have some problems like I used to have. I have also learned that everything in life its possible, you just need to believe in yourself and you are halfway there.

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