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Essentials For Lean In 60 Course

If your Joining our Lean In 60 course congratulations you are going to be making some great changes to your health and body but befor you start there are a few essentials that will make your life a lot easier and defiantly worth the purchase as they will be benefiting you long after the course is finished.


Water Bottle -

Keeping you hydrated is key.

700 - 1000ml bottle should be perfect

Blender -

Any blender will do but the more wattage it has the smoother your smoothie will be.

300 watt will be lumpier

900 - 1500 watt will be much smoother

Smoothie cup -

To make the smoothies as convenient as possible get 3-4 cups with a screw lid to take with you.

500 - 700 ml should be perfect

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