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How I Got Fit At Age 60...

At lean in 60 everything we do we believe 100 % in and follow ourselves and are living breathing the nutrition and exercise we prescribe.

This is Kevin.

He is the dad of our lean in 60 trainer Ben. As a trainer we are constantly trying to help people, get fitter stronger & leaner, not only this but we also trying to build up habits and rituals that will allow people to achieve almost anything in there life and this can all come from exercise and nutrition.

Kevin is 60 years old and like a lot of men his age thought that his flat stomach days were gone and his body was too late to change it, missed the boat on ever seeing his Abbs again.

This is not the case as a personal trainer we see all to often this idea that "it's so hard to change" but in reality it can be very simple. Kev has a manual job working in the trad for over 40 years and all he did was changed his diet. No extra exercise just food. From early on in life we all told to eat your veggies but in reality they can some time be pushed to the side and switched for more convenient and taster foods.

All Kevin did to achieve his flater stomach and get rid of his "extra tire" as he calls it is adopt better eating habits. By cutting out some of the junk and dairy products and adopting a more wholefoods plant based diet he not only lost over over 10kg or 1 & 1/2 stone He now has more energy than ever for work and leisure time, his problems with arthritis pain and inflammation have been massively reduced and is an all around fitter a healthier human.

As a trainer I use the same advice I use on my dad and family as I do with my clients. The principles that we teach really do help to improve your fitness and you overall quality of life and make you feel fantastic about life. If you looking to achieve something like Kevin did


I did the lean in 60 program as it looked like something that was achievable and also i wanted to quick change as i had been told by my doctor to exercise a bit more as that would help with my arthritis in my knees as well as bring my high blood pressure down, which were my main concerns.

I also wanted to get a flatter stomach not a six-pack or anything but just flatter

I turned 60 recently i wanted to make sure my health was in a good place. The course was great for me with the daily emails and updated. it really gave me a lot of good advice and fact i never new about food and eating especially how plant based eating can help health as you get older. loved the smoothies or most of them the really green ones were a bit tough but hey it got me the results i wanted pretty dam quick

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