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How To get Lean In 60 days

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Lean In 60 Has Been helping people burn body fat since 2014 and in that time we have become specialist in transforming people health and fitness. The Lean in 60 course has been specifically designed to maximise body fat burn over 60 days helping you to lose weight and gain strength for a fitter healthier and happier body.

As the Name might suggest we focus of getting people lean and lean in great, as who doesn't want to be leaner? For us creating a leaner body is something we are experts in and have perfected with our hundreds of clients over the last years. with our specifically developed 3 stage program to maximise body fat reduction and improve fitness we guarantee success with every course.

3 phase of our program

  1. Conditioning phase - Getting your body in to a body fat burning machine quick with video workouts and specific nutritional suggestions to help maximise the first 3 weeks of body fat burn

  2. Intense phase - This is were we step in up a gear with the workouts getting harder and our nutritional suggestions become more effective

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