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I Lost 2 Stone On Lean In 60

Bryony 60 Day Journey <<<< This video is of our resident superwoman and lean in 60 members. Bryony who started the course looking to lose a bit if weight and make a few changes in her diet. Bryony has ended up totally changing her life, transforming her body and become so much healthier and fitter in the process. Bryony is now healthier and fitter than ever before. Changing her diet to improve training and burning over 16%body fat losing just over 10 inches, off her waist, and gaining masses of muscle now being able to dead lift 135kg and doing incredibly well in the Cross Fit open. Bryony not only changed what she looks like, but has now smashed all of her previous fitness test improving on every single test, and now has more energy than ever before.


I Started lean in 60 to really increase the amount of exercise i was doing as i had just come back from an injury and i really wanted to up my game i was doing personal training with Ben but they he suggested that try the course to add to my weight loss plan. the first few weeks i was getting my head around nutrition and using smoothies as food and getting used to all the extra exercise and home workouts. i must say after the first 3 weeks i felt totally different and i lost over a stone in weight and by body fat was going down and i felt so much better towards the end of the course i managed to really knuckle down and lose over 2 stone in weight for me i hadnt been that weight for a long time so was so happy with the result i signed up for more as i wanted to keep getting those results. now I'm focused on building muscle and getting fitter and found a love for lifting weights. I couldn't recommend the course enough and i know it sounds cheesy but it changed my life and I'm a totally different person no because of it.

Thanks Ben and Chloe for all your hard work.

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