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My 7kg Weight Loss


When i joined the 60-day challenge i wasnt sure what to expect but i knew i needed some help i had been over 100kg for most of my teens and 20's but i did'nt want to live like it any more i wanted to be health and fit and really feel good about myself.

The first week changed my world as i did everthing it said to do followed the work outs and diet and lost almost 7kg in weight i couldn't believe it. I carried on so addicted to the change after this and by the end i had lost over 18 kg and finally got under 100kg .

This for me was life changing and give me such confidence in my body and that i can change my body. the team were incredible as i have a lot of questions and probably annoyed them through asking a lot but they replied to everything i asked and couldn't have done it with out their help i will be signing back up for another soon.

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