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My Lean In 60 Journey Aaron

Another great weight loss transformation. This time from Aaron who not only lost weight but lost a lot of body fat and put on some serious muscle resulting in an incredible waist reduction and change to his stomach area


When i joined the 60-day challenge i wasnt sure what to expect but i knew i needed to make a change i had been overweight for a lot time and after watching some motivational videos and documentary's i joined the group to lose some of the weight and maybe build a little muscle if i could.

Wow what an incredible journey over the 60 days, i learnt so much about foods and food groups and ways to decrease my body fat and how to do it fitting in with my life. the exercise was always tough but i started to adapt it to me and made it achievable and lost a lot of weight of my tummy and people say off my face which i guess is a good thing. defiantly be doing the course again s love the social aspect and the community you get from it. Cheers Guys

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