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My Plant Based Fitness Journey


Tony had some incredible results in lean in 60 because of too things.... His commitment to a new style of eating. and his work ethic in the gym .

Tony before joining the course made a conscious choice to make some healthier choices in his life after seeing some health and nutrition documentaries that really shocked tony in his core beliefs and were he had been going wrong in terms of his health.

Tony's choice to make a change lead him to us and to join our Bognor Regis course to get fitter and healthier change. as you can see Tony changes were quite dramatic as he really lost a lot of his stomach fat and gained a lot of strength and muscle tone that he hadnt seen for a while. Tony ultimately reduced his visceral fat body fat as well as weight and gains muscle on our course improving in all of his fitness test to show just how effective the lean in 60 principles can be.

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