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Hi, I’m Gary – Co-creator of Lean In 60.

I’ve been in the fitness industry since I was 18 years old, studied extensively at University & founded my own fitness centre in 2013.

Lean in 60 was born from a motivation to help people get a grip of nutrition & consume proper amounts of fruit and vegetables in line with a balanced diet, filled with nutrition the body needs.

In order to prove our way is effective, I spent one year deliberately gaining weight – literally putting myself In the shoes of anyone who is overweight/obese. From there, I became the first person to complete the original Lean In 60 challenge.

I enjoyed huge levels of weight/fat loss, increased energy, better concentration, improved blood pressure, better glucose & cholesterol levels, and much more. I could feel myself getting fitter by the day & at the end of project I had lost a total of 30kg.

I continued to take the principles I learnt from Lean In 60 & make it a part of my lifestyle. Since then I have continued to lose a further 20kg, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been & I feel fantastic.

What I love most about the programme is the fact you can do it anywhere, it doesn't take long to complete workouts, it’s based around real food, and you don’t get products slammed down your throat in order to be successful.

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