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Lean In 60 Over 100 People Fitter

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Lean in 60 was started back in 2014 at Dream fitness gym in Bognor Regis, we developed the course as a way to help people really achieve their weight loss and fitness goals and really start to work on those nutrition habits to get the local people of Bognor Regis a lot healthier.

Our goal was to show people some really simple easy ways to eat healthy and get their results they looking for within 60 days. For most people losing weight and getting a bit trimmer for health and fitness are the main reasons as well as looking a feeling better. For all our members who have gone through or lean in 60 course in Bognor at Dream Fitness, we thank you so much for your help and support in developing the program and making i

t continuously better. without you and your incredibly valuable feedback we wouldn't be able to make our course success



Our Members

Our Members At Work

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