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Lean In 60: Renata Weight Loss Journey

Our Amazing Team Member Renata talking about her experience on the lean in 60 course and the results she got, following our plan and exercise regime. Renarta did incredibly well-losing body fat all over her body and getting a lot stronger now developing some serious muscle definition. well done Renata and keep up the amazing results...


Before Lean in 60, I was like most of us thinking that eating everything ‘in moderation’ is ok. Also I ha, a few bad eating habits I needed to work on.

When I started Lean in 60 I only had in mind that I wanted to look better, get rid of a few pounds, have a flatter stomach. But as the course progressed my view on exercise and diet started changing. It wasn't any more about looking better but also feeling better, stronger, healthier.

Its became more of a life style me than just doing exercises I was given and diet plan. And with that in mind better, leaner look came along too which was very satisfying and definitely gave a boost to my self-confidence. Being a part of Lean in 60 helped me to see other aspects and benefits of regular exercises and healthy diet. Diet meaning a style of eating not just a slimming diet.

At the end of Lean in 60 I managed to loose almost 4% of body fat. I also learnt there is always room for improvement so decided to continue challenging myself.

I would definitively recommend this course to anybody who isn’t sure where to begin the journey to better, fitter, stronger and healthier version of themselves. Any reason is good to change your life life for a better one. Lean in 60 is a great course that gives that opportunity.

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