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My Weight Loss Transformation ( Mariania)


The 60-day challenge helped me to change my life. I have been a member of the gym about a half year when I joined the 60-day challenge.

I struggled with the nutrition I didn't know what should I eat or when and what would be the best way to exercise. The 60-day challenge gave me the perfect guide. I learnt so much about the nutrition and I changed my daily routine to a healthier and better one.

The challenge gave me the chance to meet new people with the same goals or with the same difficulties. The group chat on social media was a perfect platform to share food recipes and talk about the process what we all were going through. Share the good and bad feelings and support each other.

The 3 fitness test showed me it is not just about the weight loss. At the end of the 60-day challenge I felt I am stronger, fitter besides with my before and after pictures I could see the difference as well.

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