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How I Got Fit In 60 Days (Amit)


I Had been wanting to make a change with my body for a long time and obviously looking online and social media I couldn't help but want to shape up my body and get it looking a bit better.

I decided to do it as I'm all about convenience and doing a 25-minute workout fits perfectly into my life I don't have to think I can just follow the workout. as a dentist, i found the nutrition a little more difficult so I replaced some of my normal meals with smoothies and to be honest, they were pretty good and because I saw my love handles going away.

I wanted to push harder to ensure I really did make the most of it. I lost about 18% body fat based on the scales at my local gym and couldn't be happier.

Highly recommend the trainer as they helped me swap a few foods and answered all my questions 10 of 10 for them

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